Tuesday, May 17, 2016

मन करता है

बहुत रह लिए कमरों में
अब घर में रहने को मन करता है ।
जश्न मनाये लाख भले ही
त्योहारों का जी करता है।

रहती नींद अधूरी, दुखती है गर्दन
सोते कहाँ? बस, बेहोश होते हैं गद्दे तकिए पे ।
सिक्कों की खनक से मीठी लोरी
वो कंधे पे सोना याद आता है ।

कम  से लगते हैं रंग आजकल
जाने कब उँगलियों  से स्याही पोंछी थी!
बीमार तो होते हैं आज भी
जाने कब बारिश में खेलना गलती थी!

थक गए खुद के पैरों पर खड़े खड़े
अब हाथ पकड़ के चलना है
बहुत रह लिए कमरों में
अब घर में रहने का मन करता है । 

Saturday, March 7, 2015

How proud am I?

"Hey! You look nice. This dress looks good on you...", said my manager's manager. She is a nice lady. Little did she know that I had an accident and I fell off my bike while coming to the party. Yes, I was injured, but that was the least of my concerns. My new jeans had skid marks while my shirt got a few small cuts here and there. Though no one would notice at the first look, but they were not invisible. No matter how good actually the clothes really were, in the whole party, I was trying to hide those cuts in the shirt and marks on my jeans. She was smiling. "She noticed, didn't she?" I thought. I wasn't sure. It was awkward.

That was when I was working in Microsoft, Hyderabad (India). Now I work in Microsoft, Redmond (USA). In addition to developing and learning new technical skills, what I really love about working here is meeting with different kinds of people. People from different countries, different cultures, traditions, ideas. Sometimes you are part of team with people from countries you would never expect. For instance, I share my office room with a Pakistani, (who is a really cool person) and my team members are Chinese and Russian! Looking from a different angle, one can call it a Geo-political nightmare. But, the truth is, we all get along really well, tease, have fun and of course, work together. There are also people from Armenia. If they are to believe, 3 million people live in Armenia while 8 million Armenians live out of the country.

 My Armenian friend and I, both are very fond of our countries. We both talk a lot about them and share knowledge about our culture, traditions, festivals, food, politics, sports and what not. There is a lot about India to tell someone. In comparison, this Armenian friend of mine knew almost nothing about India. He doesn't know what is that game we play with a bat and ball where a person throws a ball while others just stand and watch. He had never tasted Indian food before. He thought the language "Indian" must be  very difficult because he is not able to figure out where one sentence ends and other starts. Now when I told him that India has 22 languages recognized by the constitution along with 122 major and about 1600 regional languages, he thinks that every Indian has a language of his own!

The three things that he knew about India were -
1. Mahatma Gandhi
2. SRK - Aishwarya Rai - Bollywood songs in general. His father is a big fan of Bollywood songs. In fact "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy" from Disco Dancer is his father's favorite song!
3. The Delhi rape case.

I was shocked and froze when he told me that he knows about Delhi rape case. Since that day, whenever I talk to him about India, some uncanny feeling creeps in. No matter how good the clothes are, in the whole party, I feel like I am trying to hide the cuts in the shirt and marks on my jeans!

The only respite was that he knew what happened next and how it impacted Indians. The protests, the war cry for decisive actions. But I am afraid he doesn't know that very little has changed since then.

But then, there were major developments on other fronts. India flexed its democratic muscles and showed that we are here for good and we mean business. We want things done. Never before the democracy was so vocal anywhere in the world. Once again my Armenian friend was surprised to know how electoral machinery works in India. That there exist a place where people have so much power! India is a living definition and working model of democracy.

I started to believe its time for change of clothes.

Today, March 06, 2015, I woke up with the news of Red Alert in Assam flashing on the live tile of my phone. I browsed more, it bruised more. The video of people smiling, laughing, marching ahead as a victory procession, clicking pics of their trophy. I couldn't help but see the irony that the region and people who have been fighting against AF(SP)A for decades now, did exactly what they have have been fighting against. Enter any premise in order to arrest anyone without warrant who has committed or suspected to have committed an offense. There will be no trial, no prosecution of the arrested. MOB(SP)A.

I see posts from some people hailing the mob for showing how justice is served. The main complain is that our judicial machinery is snail slow. The one who commit crime shamelessly aren't afraid of the law. When Lady Justice is feeling careless, you show her how to hold the balance of Dike. I agree. I think anyone in the area and adjoining few states will now think twice before feeling "invited". The provocative clothes and the increasing digits before PM on clock won't force a crime from the innocents. Congratulations to the mob on that. The mob can overpower law and do what they deem is right. That this is a place where people have so much power!

I again can't help but see the irony here. It is justified to stop being afraid of the law and commit a crime because the criminals have stopped being afraid of law. If the mob can overpower the law, who can protect someone from what the mob deem fit? After all, mob is always right. Good luck with that!

I know I have good clothes and no one would see the cuts in the first look. But they are not invisible. I am afraid I will have so many cuts that I cannot hide. I'll be naked one day.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Alag Alag Amreeka - Restaurants

It's been a week and here we are again...

So we started our journey (Alag Alag Amreeka) and we observed differences in traffic and roads. Lets head towards some restaurants. Though there are points about restaurants in general but I'll mostly talk about Indian restaurants here in North Western part of USA. What differences can we find in Indian restaurants in India and in US you ask... You might be thinking one can't get good Indian food in US because, of course, US is US, not India. How can you get comparable Indian food there? Well, you are in for a surprise. But there are other kind of differences that I am about to mention here. As before, I'll count 10 of them

1. Spice Level
In USA spice level of food is measured from 1 to 5 (also called Scoville scale). 1 being least spicy and 5 being the most. If you like spicy food like me, 4 is the level for you. Order 5. Open English dictionary and look for the definition of spice and vegetables. Order 1 and go for meditation. Start  to appreciate simple things in life!
 In India, the scale ranges from + infinity to - infinity. + infinity being the authentic Andhra food where the spices and vegetables exchange their roles in a recipe. - infinity being the Gujrati food!

"Food" for thought - I've never tired it, but now when I think of it, I'll definitely do it in future. Go to a Gujrati restaurant and order Chili Chicken or Chili Paneer. If you get a chance to do so, please do and share your experience.

2. Mango Lassi
In US, I think they write mango lassi in the menu before writing word "Indian" anywhere in their restaurant. You get it in any season.
In India, I don't remember if I have ever ordered or ever saw mango lassi in any menu. Maybe I have, but I really don't remember!

3. Paan
I had to go to a doctor here once. While mentioning the restrictions in diet:

Doctor: "Reduce that thing from your diet, what do you call it.... ??"
Me : (Waiting)
Doctor: "What do you call it? Yeah.. Paan!!"
Me: (confused) "Paan??!! Ok"
Wasn't a problem at all as it must have been a long long time since I last had paan.
Doctor: "Yeah, your bread"
Me: "What?!"
Nurse: "Oh, he means Naan." :)

Went back. That evening I specially ordered paan (not naan).

One thing that you crave for in Indian food is the one thing that you don't find in Indian restaurants here. Chapati. You find only Naan. All sorts of naans. But no sort of Chapati.
In India, you go to a restaurant, you order Naan but only when you want some change.

4. Healthy and Hygienic
In USA, beside price, you can find calorific value of the dishes mentioned in the menu of some restaurants. Fiber x gms, Fat 0.y gms, Proteins z0 gms. There are measures.
In India, there are two measures. "Ghar ka khana" and "Bahar ka khana". Former being the healthiest, no matter what it is. Latter being unhealthy and unhygienic by default.

5. Quantity
In India, you order Chili Paneer. You ask, "How many pieces will be there? Will it be sufficient for X number of people?". Waiter answers, "There will be Y pieces. It will / will not be sufficient."
In US, you order Chili Paneer. You ask, "How many pieces will be there? Will it be sufficient for X number of people?". Waiter answers, "It will be 12 ounces. (You are engineers, right? Do the math yourself!)"

6. Did you really order that??
Question - Which country is known as rice bowl of the world? In other words, which country is the largest producer of rice?
Answer - China? I thought so! But looking at the Indian restaurants in US, one might think otherwise.
In India, you get rice when you order rice.
In US, you get rice even if you don't order rice. Looks like you'll get rice even with soup! The rice thus served is complementary. So, if you order Paan... oops, sorry Naan, and forgot to say no to rice, it will be served and most of the time it'll go waste. Sure you can take it home but does it help?

7. Rice and forks
In India, you have spoons on the table.
In US, you face the irony. You almost always get rice, but almost never find a spoon on the table. You never get noodles but you always find forks on the table.
But when you are hungry, really hungry, it doesn't really matter. As a consequence, I don't know when I started eating rice with fork.

8. Kaccha papad - Pukka papad
What do you call a papad in India? - Papad!
What do you call a papad in US? - Papadum! (mostly)

9. Tips (Cause)
In India, you pay tip in a restaurant, one of the following things happen. The person accompanying you will think, "Show - off" OR will say, "Paglaa gaya hai!! (Gone mad??)" OR the waiter will come back to you and return the money OR the waiter will bend by 120 degrees next time you go to the restaurant.
In US, you pay tip in a restaurant, because you should.

Basically, in US the people working in the restaurants get only minimum wage from the owner / employer. So, the major and practically the only source of income for them are the tips. So, if you get good service in a restaurant in US, you should tip well.

10. "U" Wave - Particle Duality (Effect)
Enter a US restaurant. Not anyone will come to serve you. There will be a specific person assigned. Why? Because of point 9. In the end, when you pay the tip, it goes to the person who served you. If anyone starts serving, it will be difficult to decide who will get the tip. So, for that particular person, you act like a particle. "U" particle. The person / waiter can see you, recognize you as a physical entity, fully respect your existence, behavior and properties.
For others however, you behave like a wave. "U" wave. The waiters are specialized in detecting and function with particles but not waves! At most they can detect some disturbance because of "U" wave in their interactions with their particles. So, they can call the person specialized with "U" particles. If your waiter is stuck for some reason, you are stuck.

In India, just a little "excuse me" works with everyone!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Alag Alag Amreeka - Traffic

Long pending post!! I recently moved to US. Ok, not exactly recently. Its been around 6 months now. During this time I couldn't help but notice many differences. I am sure any person moving to this part of US would experience the same differences. Still, I thought I will write them down anyway. By differences, I mean just differences. India is better in some cases. US in some others.

I haven't been to many places in US. So, my observations are based on what I saw in the state of Washington. (Yes, Washington is a state. Washington D.C. is the capital. And yes, New York is not the capital of USA).

Because the differences are so many at so many levels in so many areas that I will post them one by one. This is the first post in the series "Alag Alag Amreeka". Today's post is about traffic and roads.

If the only difference you know is that India has left hand traffic while USA has right hand traffic, then let me add 10 to your list. More later... So, without further ado, here they are:

1. In India, traffic lights are simple. Green, Yellow, Red. Standing for Go, Go faster (damn... it's going to be red soon!), and stop respectively. In USA, there is solid red, blinking red and red arrow. Then there is Yellow - solid yellow, blinking yellow arrow and and a freaking non-blinking yellow arrow. Wait... also solid green and green arrow. Solid red has different rules for left turn and right turns. So is the case with solid green!

2. In India you make a move, you honk. Taking a turn - honk. Overtaking - honk. Passing by a lane - honk. Traffic light (color doesn't matter) - honk. Sneezing - honk. In USA, you honk means the other person has done something horrendous. Honk means abusing.

I remember one of my friends was trying out my bike - Bajaj Pulsar 220, for the first time. It was heavy and powerful. He got so nervous that he started honking looking at a pothole on his way!

3. In India, on a normal road you can find: Cycle, Rickshaw, Cars, Tractor, Truck, Bus, Jugaads, Scooters, Bikes, Thelas, Bullock Carts, Cows, Dogs, Donkeys etc. Unity in diversity. Scariest of them all - trucks. In USA, you find cars, buses, cycles, trucks and occasionally bikes. Scariest of them all - cycles.

4. In India you can drive at any speed but still you can't. Cars are not that powerful. In USA cars are mighty powerful, but you can't drive at any speed. Every damn road has speed limit.

5. In India, everyone thinks they own the road. In USA only some people think so because they actually, literally, own some roads!!

6. India has zebra crossing. USA has zebra crossing, horse crossing, ducks crossing, deer crossing, alien crossing...

7. USA has left only lanes and right only lanes. India has only lanes. Left or right is democracy.

8. In India, roads maintain lanes. If its a two or four or six lane road, it will remain two or four or six lanes. USA has, Lakhan roads (1, 2, ka 4. 4, 2 ka 1). Almost anywhere, inconsistently, number, usage, speed limits, almost anything can change.

9. In India, you always pay attention to road. You have to. In USA you always pay attention to both ends of the road as there are more road signs than people on the road.

10. On Indian highways, different people and vehicles can start their journey together, move together, can catch up and sync their positions, and reach the destination together. On American freeways, if you are separated, forget it. See you at the destination. God forbids if your vehicle breaks down or something bad happens, only 911 or roadside assistance or God can help you. But the people whom you got separated with, they just cannot come back and help you.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


टूटी दीवारों के मलबे से
बिखरी खिड़की के  काँच चमकते हैं
नवनिर्माण को न्योता देते
कुछ खम्बे अब भी अडिग खड़े हैं

क्या निर्माण में था कोई खोट छुपा?
या आंधी का ही था वेग बड़ा?
या तीष्ण हवा के प्रबल प्रवाह में
घर बनाने का निर्णय गलती था?

आंधी को फिर भी करें नमन
प्रकृति नियमों से चलने को बाधित
हार तो तब, जब क्षींण हो संबल
मन शीशमहल के हम ही अधिकारी

विध्वंस की लीला के सजे रंगमंच पर
कोई नहीं कर सकता बिन इच्छा प्रक्षेप
किसी अदृश्य निर्देशक को नहीं अनुमति
हमारे अभिनय में करे हस्तक्षेप.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

किस्सा आधार कार्ड का...

आज सुबह सुबह 9 बजे हमारे प्रिय जस्सी (जसप्रीत सिंह ढींगरा) जी की कृपा से 4 निठल्ले लोगों, मैं, ऋषभ, नित्य और जस्सी खुद, का थोडा कल्याण हुआ और सबने आधार कार्ड के लिए आवेदन भर दिया| पर इस प्रक्रिया में जो जो घटित हुआ उसका व्यख्यान करना मेरे सामर्थ्य के बहार है| फिर भी प्रस्तुत हैं उस ज़बरदस्त उधेड़ बुन के कुछ मुख्य अंश -

1. आधार कार्ड केंद्र के अन्दर जाने की कतार में एक घंटे खड़े अन्दर जाने का इंतज़ार -

नित्य      :     "यार पिछले 4 हफ्ते से motorcycle नहीं ले पा रहा हूँ| फ़ोन करके पुछा है|
                     आज दुकान 1 बजे तक खुलेगी| 1 बजे तक तो काम हो ही जाएगा| आज तो bike ले ही लूँगा"
ऋषभ      :     "नित्य, आज तो ना आ रही आपकी bike|"

जब हम लोगों की बारी आई तो सबसे पहले नित्य के दस्तावेज जांचे गए| प्रतिलिपि (copy) और मूल प्रति (original) दोनों की जांच के बाद जस्सी के दस्तावेज़ जांचे गए| मेरी बारी आने पर ~55 साल के जांचकर्ता बोले -
"आपके पास original papers तो होंगे ही| अब इतने लोग लाइन में खड़े हैं| सबका कब तक check करेंगे!"

10 बजे
जस्सी को 22वां स्थान पर, नित्य को 23, मुझे 24 और ऋषभ को 25वें स्थान पर अपने अपने उँगलियों के निशान, photo और iris scan करवाने थे| थोड़ी देर इंतज़ार करने के बाद पता चला की एक भी कर्मचारी काम पर नहीं है| हम सबका पारा चढ़ने लगा ही था की हमें एहसास हुआ की जस्सी का पारा पहले ही उबल चुका था| ज्वालामुखी किसी भी समय फट सकता था|

10:30 बजे
हैदराबाद के आधार कार्ड के कर्ता धर्ता को फ़ोन पर शिकात की गयी| इतने में एक operator, जो शायद रविवार के दिन रास्ता भटक कर centre पर आ गयी थी, उसे एहसास हुआ की शिकायत हो रही है| तुरंत जस्सी को बुला कर -

operator   :      "Sir,  क्या कर रहे हैं आप? आप कहें तो आपका काम पहले कर देती हूँ|"
जस्सी       :     "यह क्या बात हुई? हमसे पहले जो बैठे हैं उन्होंने क्या बिगाड़ा है?
                        बाकी खाली पड़े 3 कंप्यूटर पर कोई अभी तक क्यूँ नहीं है?"

ज्वालामुखी धधक रहा ही था

दूर बैठे बाकी हम तीन|
ऋषभ       :       "हाहा अभी इन सबकी बैंड बजने वाली है| Yo जस्सी"
नित्य       :       "मुझे तो डर है किसी को चपेट ना मार दे"

शिकायत दर्ज हो गयी| तब तक 9वें व्यक्ति का काम चल रहा था| हम चारों बगल की दूकान पर गन्ने का जूस पीने चल दिए|

ऋषभ       :       "कुछ भी कहें APSC, सरकारी नौकरी का अपना ही टशन है|"

11 बजे: करीब 20 मिनट बाद, जूस पी के, पानी ले कर वापस आये|

"भैया जी, कौन सा नंबर चल रहा है?"
"9वां नंबर चल रहा है"

जस्सी       :       "चलो भाई, time  लगेगा, cafe nandini  से कुछ खा के आते हैं"
नित्य        :       "चलो भाई| फिर यहाँ से कार्ड का काम हो जाए, फिर bike लेने जायेंगे|"
ऋषभ        :      "नित्य, आज तो ना आ रही आपकी bike|"

11:45 cafe nandini से वापस आ कर आराम से खा पी के वापस आये| ऋषभ की गलती, उसने कुछ नहीं खाया|
हमारी शिकायत का थोडा असर हुआ|  कोई एक नया officer जाएजा ले रहा था|
ऋषभ        :       "कितना number चल रहा है?"
कर्मचारी    :       "अभी तो HSBC वालों का बन रहा है|"
ऋषभ        :       "HSBC??? ये कहाँ से आये? ये चल क्या रहा है???"
कर्मचारी    :       "अभी HSBC वालों का बन रहा है|"
ऋषभ        :       "आप सरकारी कर्मचारी हैं या  HSBC की?"
कर्मचारी    :       "सर आप उनसे  (वही 55 साल के जांचकर्ता| शायद 55 साल की सरकारी नौकरी में उन्हें
                         random  काम को भी justify करने की कला आ गयी थी) उनसे बात करो|"
ऋषभ (जांचकर्ता के पास जा कर)
                :        "Uncle, भूख लगी है|"
जांचकर्ता  :         ??????????? ( ऋषभ को घूरने लगा)

शायद HSBC वालों ने अपने employees के आधार कार्ड के लिए मुहीम चलायी होगी|
तभी नित्य, जस्सी का प्रवेश -

नित्य      :        "अब यहाँ से सीधा bike लेने चलते हैं|"
जस्सी     :        "कौन सा number चल रहा है?"
"11 number तक हुआ है| अभी HSBC वालों का हो रहा है"

बस, फट पड़ा ज्वालामुखी| 
थोड़ी दूर पर जवालामुखी की गर्मी महसूस करते हुए-

ऋषभ       :      "हाहा अभी इन सबकी बैंड बजने वाली है| Yo जस्सी"
नित्य        :      "मुझे तो डर है किसी को चपेट ना मार दे"

जस्सी       :      "ये क्या चल रहा है| इतना धीरे काम| अब भी इन कंप्यूटर पर कोई नहीं बैठा है|
                        आप complain book लाओ| जो जो नहीं हैं हमें उनके against complain करनी है|"
Officer      :      "अरे सर, अभी एक और operator  आ रहा है| वो आज आया नहीं इसलिए थोडा लेट हो गया|"
जस्सी       :      "हाँ तो जो नहीं आया हमें उसके against complain करनी है|"
Office       :      "आप तो नाराज़ हुए जा रहे हैं| हमने सच बताया तो आप और गुस्सा हो रहे हैं| यूँ तो हम झूठ भी बोल सकते थे|"

(सभी सकते में - ये क्या था)

जस्सी (6ft 3in से 6ft 5in हो कर) "तो तुम हमसे झूठ भी बोल सकते हो!!!!!"
बाकी लोग  :     "Sir Sir Sir, नहीं ऐसी बात नहीं है|"
Officer       :      "Sir, वो operator आ रहा है| इन सब कामो में थोडा टाइम लगता है|"
ऋषभ (जो शायद cafe nandini में ना खा कर पछता रहा था)
                  :      "टाइम लगता है तो यहाँ एक Food Counter क्यूँ नहीं खुलवा देते हो?"

(2 मिनट तक सन्नाटा छाया रहा| ऋषभ के बोल सुनामी की तरह आये और सारे logics की तबाही मचा के निकल गए| जब तक जस्सी और नित्य इस सदमे से उबरते तब तक देर हो गयी थी| officer भी वहां से निकलने लगा)

जस्सी      :     "ये कोई बात है? हम यहाँ इतनी देर से बैठे हैं"
                     (पहले पानी, फिर गन्ने का जूस, फिर cafe nandini - वैसे हम शायद ही 20 मिनट "बैठे" होंगे)

तभी अन्दर से एक आवाज़ - "Sir, तीसरा operator भी आ गया|"

ऋषभ     :      "कुछ भी कहें APSC, सरकारी नौकरी का अपना ही टशन है|"

12:10 बजे
"भैय्या, कौन सा नंबर चल रहा है?"
"अभी 17 नंबर चल रहा है"

नित्य      :       "चलो जल्दी जल्दी हो रहा है अब| यहाँ से फटाफट bike लेने जायेंगे|"

थोड़ी देर और इंतज़ार किया| इसी बीच मैं और जस्सी phone पर एक बाज़ी chess की खेल कर ख़त्म कर चुके थे|

"भैय्या कौन सा नंबर चल रहा है?
"अभी 16 चल रहा है"
"हैं??? अभी तो बोला था की 17 चल रहा है!!!"
"अरे गलती से गलत नंबर बता दिया था "

जस्सी ने computer room में डेरा दाल दिया|

ऋषभ     :       "नित्य, आज तो ना आ रही आपकी bike"

12:20 बजे
operator :       "Security, इन लोगों को समझ नहीं आ रहा है| इनको बोलो बहार जा के बैठें|
Security  :       "चलो भाई बहार जा के बैठो, यहाँ नहीं|"
जस्सी     :       "हम यहीं बैठ रहे हैं, इतनी देर से इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं| अब यहीं बैठेंगे| हमारा अभी आने वाला है"
operator (टांग खींचने के लहजे में)
               :       "हाँ हाँ, lunch के बाद तो इनका हो ही जाएगा|"
जस्सी (बैठे बैठे भी 6ft दिखायी देते हुए| कुछ देर पहले ही आये हुए नए operator की तरफ)
               :       "इनको तो मैं lunch के लिए जाने ही नहीं दूंगा|
Security   :       "नहीं नहीं sir, आप बैठिये कोई बात नहीं"

12:45 बजे
"नंबर 22"
जस्सी पहुंचा scanning के लिए
"नंबर 23"
नित्य पहुंचा scanning के लिए

ऋषभ      :       "APSC, आपको क्या लगता है की हम अब कौन सी सरकारी नौकरी कर                                                        
                       सकते हैं?
APSC     :       "Lecturer बन सकते हैं"
ऋषभ      :       "नहीं नहीं, उसमें तो PhD करनी पड़ेगी| Time लगेगा"
APSC     :       "IAS बन सकते हो"
ऋषभ      :        "हो गया!!"

Scanning के दौरान
अब क्यूंकि camera normal इंसानों के लगाया गया था, ज़ाहिर है जस्सी के लिए वो सही नहीं था| जस्सी का केवल कमर से गर्दन तक का ही फोटो आ पा रहा था
operator ने camera ठीक किया| चेहरा तो आया पर पगड़ी काटने लगी

जस्सी      :      "नहीं नहीं |पूरी फोटो आनी चाहिए|"
operator   :      "नहीं सर| अब तो मुश्किल है| कोशिश करता हूँ|"
                       "Sir, अपने details चेक कर लीजिये"

Details एक तरफ English और बगल में Telegu में लिखे हुए थे|
जस्सी (55 वर्षीय जांचकर्ता से)
                :      "Excuse me, क्या आप check कर सकते हैं की Telegu में ठीक है की नहीं?"
जांचकर्ता  :      "Sir, ठीक तो है|  क्या प्रॉब्लम है?"
जस्सी       :      "ये यहाँ English में '4th floor' लिखा है, वो यहाँ  Telegu में भी '4th floor' लिखा है!"

1:15 बजे
नित्य       :      "सालों, कल तुम सब मेरे साथ सुबह 9 बजे bike लेने चलोगे!!!!"

ऋषभ      :       "कुछ भी कहें APSC, सरकारी नौकरी का अपना ही टशन है|"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

अधूरी-पूरी कहानी

This is my attempt at a new style of poem. I call it "Split Poem". The poem starts as a single thread or line of thought. Then splits into two, representing two parallel lines of thoughts or parallel set of events. In this particular poem, the emphasis is more on the introduction of the concept rather than the content. Also, here the parallel thoughts again get converged into one. So you can even call it a  "Split and Merge Poem".

दिल पगला फिर से मचल उठा,
मौसम की थोड़ी बेईमानी!
फिर आज महक के फूल खिला,
रंग बिखराती वो तितली आई।
"खिला इसी ख्वाहिश में हर दिन
बिखराता महक मैं भीनी सी।
एक झलक पड़े उस तितली की
दो बातों की हो लेनी देनी"
"उडी इसी ख्वाहिश में हर दिन
फैलाती मैं पंख सतरंगी
पड़ जाए नज़र उस फूल की मुझपे
 दो बातों की हो लेनी देनी"
"क्या सोचती होगी मेरे बारे में?
सोचती होगी या भी नहीं?
हज़ार फूल हैं इस बगिया में
आगे उनके मैं कुछ भी नहीं।"
"क्या देखा होगा उसने कभी?
भाये होंगे रंग मेरे भी?
ऐसे फूल पर इठलाने वाली
तितलियों की आखिर कमी नहीं "
"जब पड़ती हैं उसके पंखों पर
रंगीन हो जाती किरणे भी।
वो उड़ती रहती आज़ादी से
मैं बैठा जड़,  चिर स्थायी।"
"जब पड़ती ओस पर पंखुड़ियों की
चमक उठती हैं किरणें भी
झूलता वो तो मस्त पवन में
मेरा तो कोई ठोर नहीं "
"देखो तो कोई मेल नहीं,
 इकरार न बन ले बोझ कहीं!
दूर से बुझती प्यास ये मन की,
मेरे प्रेम की शायद नियति यही।"